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great game !! I wasn't expecting the twist in the end :O  enjoyed it a lot !!

good game

i enjoyed that d:^)


FANTASTIC, I had a feeling I was deliving (that) about half way through! Really well done! Sweet in a very morbid way.

Thanks! Sweet and morbid was exactly what I was going for!

Hardest thing sometimes in game development is a theme that is handed to you to create content for. This is a real struggle for many people when a new IP is given to designers. A new game or game idea might not be that ground breaking cool game you thought it might be at the very start but in the end it becomes something much better than you ever imagined. A great example I was given, was my boss explained his experience with Horizon. Almost every single designer didnt like many aspects of Horizon Zero dawn till the very end. You have to trust production and the team leadership that in this case "two meters" is going to sell and that direction is critical to the companies success. You have excellent writing skills and puzzle skills, so step back, look at the original production intent and think...Ok Social distancing....todays issues, how can I take my skills and grab some people and make a difference with a game we produce? Thats what companies do. Take an idea, try to make a impact.

Enjoyed this game, loved the story. 
Keep fighting the good fight!


Thank you! Thrilled you enjoyed it. :)

nice game !  great little story ...

Thanks for playing!