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Can you guide two adventurous polar bears on their mission to reach Goblin Town in a minecart?

Made together with my two kids, Arthur and Caspar (aged 7 & 5). They did all the design, artwork, sounds and text themselves and the eldest also helped with the coding. Made using Construct 3, Audacity, pencils and paper!

Hope you enjoy. Any feedback will mean a lot!

(Sound recommended!)


Left/right arrows to move.

Down arrow or space to duck the goblin arrows.

Fill the progress bar in the top left to get all the way to Goblin town!

Please be aware that you can't move while ducking or while passing under a gate.

Good luck!

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It was a very pleasant and enjoyable game. The children’s voices were so good.


Thanks so much for playing!

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I didn't read the tutorial text so I kept dodging the arrows by switching lanes and died like 5 times hahah. Then I noticed you can duck to avoid them and beat it.

Cute and fun little game, you guys did a great job!


Thanks! We really appreciate you playing and sorry you had to die so much! :


Great game! I love the drawings :)


Thanks very much! We had a lot of fun making it. :)